JAE January 2017

Titled We Are Digital!, the editorial shares the reasoning and methods for the Journal of Adventist Education’s transition from a physical to an all-digital magazine.

The Journal of Adventist Education January 31, 2017

After 77 years, it is time for change. Titled We Are Digital!, the editorial shares the reasoning and methods for the Journal of Adventist Education’s transition from a physical to an all-digital magazine. Volume 79, Issue 2 also includes the following articles:

Understanding, Serving, and Educating Students in Urban Settings by Shawna Vyhmeister with Lourdes Morales-Gudmundsson
The authors explore the difficulties facing minority students, particularly in urban settings. They describe methods that can be used to solve school leadership issues, build student self-confidence and self-respect, increase student motivation, break a school culture of failure, develop relevant curriculum, and reduce conflict with students’ cultures.

Self-talk: Friend or Foe? by Nancy Carbonell
After explaining the importance of self-talk and looking at the example of self-talk in the story of Elijah, Carbonell gives five steps teachers can use to encourage healthy self-talk in themselves and in their students.

Helping Children to Be Effective Partners in Their Own Health Care by Leslie Martin
Martin notes that “this article outlines a practical framework for understanding what drives engagement in personal health and provides specific recommendations for helping children and teens to develop their skills in these areas.” The specific strategies included aim to aid teachers in helping students develop the information, motivation, and strategies needed for students to be engaged in their own health care.

What Is the Special Character of an Adventist College or University? by J. Wesley Taylor V
Taylor discusses six key commitments of Adventist post-secondary education “around which the educational community can rally and in which important developments can take place.” In addition to discussing each commitment, the article provides recommendations for further reading on the topic.

Adventist Colleges and Universities and the Almighty Rankings by Gus Gregorutti
Gregorutti provides a review of college ranking and “some of the implications for Adventist colleges and universities.” The article considers whether the rankings really measure quality and whether Adventist institutions should “use these rankings to maintain and increase enrollment.”

Perspectives: Mathematics in the Light of Eternity – Toward an Adventist Understanding of Mathematics by Anthony Bosman
While discussing “the nature and value of doing and teaching mathematics from an Adventist perspective,” Bosman explores the connections between mathematics and reality, creation, eternity, and education.

Best Practices at Work: Forming Partnerships to Enhance Student Learning by Megan Wehling with Patricia Maxwell
This article describes the connections made by Maxwell between local non-profit organizations and her communications and social media classes. Seven tips for teachers wishing to create partnerships for their classes are shared.



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