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5 Continuing Education Courses for Adventist Teachers

The 5 courses are freely available through the Adventist Learning Community for continuing education credit.

North American October 2, 2017

The 5 courses listed below are freely available through the Adventist Learning Community (ALC) for continuing education credit. You are invited to complete these courses if you have not yet done similar courses. ALC requires users to set up a free account which allows you to track which courses you have done and how many CEUs you have earned.

Adventist Church History: Tell the World
This course is divided into twenty-two shorts taken from the film “Tell the World”, which tells the story of the birth and development of the early Advent movement. The lessons are designed around these shorts and progress through the history of the Seventh-Day Adventist church, highlighting the major events that shaped the early church, and providing insight into the dynamic characters the paved the way forward. Emphasis is given to God’s leading and inspiration to the early pioneers in their earnest search for truth. This course is 1 CEU.

Bible Doctrines
This course for teacher certification traces God’s actions through the Bible, seeking to understand His objective truth as revealed in Scripture, as well as His principles for establishing and maintaining a living, dynamic relationship with Jesus. Basic teachings of the Bible are explored in their biblical context as much as possible, with emphasis on the character of God and on His desire for fellowship with us.  This course is 1 CEU.

Spirit of Prophecy
This continuing education study material is intended to serve as a refresher course for classroom teachers who are called upon in religion courses to explain the methodology God employed in communicating His divine truths and expectations to human beings alienated from His presence because of their sinful condition. For other teachers, this continuing education course may serve to strengthen their commitment as Seventh-day Adventist church members to the work of one believed to have been God’s most recent prophet, Ellen G. White, in a day when her prophetic gift and contribution to this church are being increasingly questioned and challenged. This course is 0.5 CEU.

Philosophy of Adventist Education
Philosophy of Adventist Education is a benchmark CEU course for teacher certification. The Philosophy of Adventist Education course discusses the philosophical foundations of education from a Seventh-day Adventist perspective. Participation in the course will help you define your own world view from a biblical foundation and will also help you develop your personal philosophy of Christian education. This course is 2 CEUs.
Note: Passing the course on ALC does NOT give you university credit. This course is also available for university credit through Southern Adventist University with additional readings and assessments.

Health Principles: Light for Living
This course, designed for Seventh-day Adventist teachers, is a study of the theoretical and scientific basis of health and wellness education with an emphasis on the Seventh-day Adventist health message as identified in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy with applications in the classroom and beyond. This course is 1 CEU.


Sharon Aka

Sharon, PhD, is a consultant full time, currently working for 4 organizations: Adjunct Faculty at Andrews University in the graduate leadership department, Adjunct faculty at Notre Dame of Maryland University - leading their School of Nursing Competency-based Curriculum Revisioning, a researcher and author with the NAD Center for Research and Evaluation, and works half time for the General Conference as a contractor with the Virtual Exhibition Team and the Adventist COLLECTIVE. Sharon worked as the Associate Director of the Adventist Learning Community & Associate Director for the North American Division Office of Education. Sharon is a Registered Nurse by trade, with 16 years experience as Surgical Nurse and Nurse Educator at The Scarborough Hospital in Toronto, Ontario. She also has 11 years experience as a Professor of Nursing and Professional Development Specialist for faculty at Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning in Toronto, Ontario.

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