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School Leadership Courses

The courses are freely available through the Adventist Learning Community (ALC) for continuing education credit.

Sustainable Leadership October 23, 2017

The courses listed below are freely available through the Adventist Learning Community (ALC) for continuing education credit. You are invited to complete these courses if you have not yet done similar courses. ALC requires users to set up a free account which allows you to track which courses you have done and how many continuing education units (CEUs) you have earned. CEU courses provide non-academic continuing education units.

Conversations with Dr. George Knight
Conversations with Dr. George Knight on Redemptive Education from a Seventh-day Adventist perspective. This continuing education course is intended to serve as a refresher for classroom teachers to revisit topics such as the purpose and responsibility of SDA schools, fostering student-teacher relationships that will impact eternity, and meeting students needs as we integrate faith and learning. In these conversations Dr George Knight discusses the foundation of Adventist education, and how it shapes our day-to-day in the classroom. This course is 1 CEU.

School Safety
Join Donald Scott Rackley, a security and law enforcement expert for the United States Army. The purpose of this 4-module course is to examine how you can effectively train yourself and how you can be more aware of your environment and make your school a safer more secure facility for you, your faculty and staff, and your students and volunteer’s. This course is 0.2 CEUs.

Internet Safety in the Classroom
This Internet Safety mini-course looks at managing the risks while harnessing the benefits of using the Internet in the classroom. Various tools and methods that can be used to protect students from viewing inappropriate content, are a focus. The nine lessons will introduce learners to a number of the dangers associated with the Internet and provide knowledge on minimizing Internet risks while reaping benefits. The ability to make informed decisions concerning incorporating Internet accessible technology in the classroom, while effectively controlling Internet content for students is a learning outcome. This course is 0.2 CEU.


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