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International Forum Volume 20, Number 2 (Part 1)

A culture of research is thriving at AIIAS (Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies) and around the world.

International Forum April 12, 2018

A culture of research is thriving at AIIAS (Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies) and around the world. In his editorial, Safary Wa-Mbaleka previews the numerous articles in this issue of International Forum, the interdisciplinary research journal of the graduate school of AIIAS, and invites you to contribute to a future issue. Below are the first seven articles. Watch for the remainder next week!

Academic Dishonesty and Achievement Emotions Among International Students in Thailand by Darrin Thomas
Dishonesty in academics is a common concern, but what role do emotions play? This survey of international high school students yielded interesting results.

D.A.M.S: Introduction to a Disruptive Aging Paradigm for Strengthening Longevity and  Improving Quality of Life by William C. Andress
Diet, activity, mental attitude and social/spiritual connection have been identified by various researches as habits of longevity. This theoretical paper introduces the D.A.M.S. paradigm and applies it to seniors.

Promoting More English Language Teaching and Learning in Adventist Organizations by Safary Wa-Mbaleka, Carol Linda Kingston and Sheri Joy Namanya
English language skills are valuable around the world for travel, business, ministry, education and more. In our church specifically, materials are available primarily in English. How can the Adventist church work to better equip its members with English language learning?

The Influence of Culture and Access to Health Care Delivery as Predictors of Health Behaviors Among Malaysians of Different Cultural Backgrounds by Mary Jane Botabara-Yap, Miriam Razon-Estrada and Edwin Balila
“This cross-sectional study aimed at finding the influence of culture and delivery of health care as predictors of health behavior (such as diet, physical activity, sleeping and smoking) among Malaysians.”

Teaching Aids in English Language Teaching in Zimbabwe: The Case of Gwanda District by Noko Thubelihle and Muchemwa Stella
Completed in secondary schools, this study showed a lack of use, availability and competency instructing with teaching aides.

Faith Presence: How Students Live Faith in the Online Classroom by Leni T. Casimiro
With online learning becoming increasingly popular, one important question must be asked: “Is it possible to instill faith through online education?”

Syntactic Analysis Preference: How Filipinos Do with Globally-Ambiguous Sentences by Lesley Karen B. Penera
“This qualitative-descriptive study determined whether Filipinos prefer the less computationally-demanding approach in processing isolated globally-ambiguous sentences through the garden-path principles.”



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