Introducing the International Journal for Faith Integration

From the Institute for Faith Integration at Babcock University comes a brand new journal, focused on holistic faith integration.

Christian Growth September 11, 2019

A Dream Come True! From the Institute for Faith Integration at Babcock University comes a brand new journal. As Constance C. Nwosu describes in her editorial, the mission of the International Journal for Faith Integration is “to promote faith integration for the holistic development of human capacity.” This faith integration goes beyond learning, reaching to all service areas as we daily strive to live out our faith holistically. Inside you will find a mix of research and practical application. The following articles are included in the inaugural issue:

An Innovation Configuration Map for Integrating Faith in Learning by Adventor Trye, Jr., Rita Henriquez-Green and William Green
“This article presents the results of an appreciative inquiry of the integration of faith and learning practices in Adventist higher educational institutions in Southeast Asia….The participants included six experts from four continents, 35 online participants in a pilot test, and 21 integration of faith and learning practitioners from three Adventist Higher Educational Institutions in Southeast Asia. The result was ten innovation configuration components that defined the integration of faith and learning practices of Christian educators operationally from an Adventist perspective.”

Toward Christian-Identity Response Theory: Exploring Identity, Spirituality, and Response to Adversity among African American Males Placed at Risk by Charity Garcia
“Christian-Identity Response Theory adds to limited research integrating spiritual development as a central component of human development across the life span and provides a substantive theory for how spiritual development may lead to transformative practice. Thirty-four African American males in three age groups (13-17; 18-25; 26+), placed at risk during adolescence and connected with Christian Community Development Association organizations at the time of data collection, engaged in the research process.”

Inter-Faith Relation in Nigerian Educational Institutions: A Case Study of Selected Tertiary Institutions in the Ilorin Emirate by Lydia Akande
“Currently, ethno-religious conflicts have left untold hardships on families and grudges in the minds of many Nigerians. Therefore, if the practices of faith integration and interfaith relation are managed well, it will result in social, economic and academic benefits. It is in line with this that the author examined the concept of faith integration and the practice of inter-faith relations in some federal and state owned tertiary institutions in the Ilorin Emirate of Kwara State.”

Nurturing the Faith of Students: The Role of Support Staff by John W. Taylor, V.
What is the role of the non-teaching staff in nurturing faith in student lives? How can support staff be most effective in fulfilling that role? In response, the article first presents a biblical perspective regarding the function of the non-teaching staff in the spiritual development of students, shaping lives for God’s kingdom. Second, the article delineates sixteen faith-nurturing strategies, organized in contextual, relational, conceptual, and experiential clusters.”

Integrating Faith or Fear? Workplace Bullying as a Barrier to Faith and Service by Godspower Chiabuotu
“This paper explores [a] few cultural factors and organizational theories which encourage bullying at the workplace. Also, it argues that workplace bullying, especially in Christian organizations, instills fear instead of faith, and erects social and psychological barriers to the gospel. The paper concludes by proposing a model for ameliorating the circumstances, creating safe and positive workplace environments that are conducive for spreading the gospel and fostering deeper faith in Jesus Christ.”


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  • | February 16, 2021 at 3:54 am

    Please give me more details about the journal. Adventist one?

    • | February 19, 2021 at 3:02 pm

      Yes, this is an Adventist journal out of Babcock University, an Adventist institution in Nigeria. Please let me know if you would like more information, and I will connect you with the editor.

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