Facing the Great Battle

Every time we step into our classrooms, we get a bigger sense of this reality and the spiritual battle before us.

Christian Growth February 10, 2020

“For we do not have a High Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin. Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” (Hebrews 4:15, 16).

As Adventist educators, we are on the frontlines of a fiery battle. Every time we step into our classrooms, we get a bigger sense of this reality and the spiritual battle before us. A dream I had the other night further testified to this truth.

In it, I saw the Great Controversy enfold between Jesus Christ and the “Accuser of the Brethren” as though it were a movie scene. At the centre of the conflict, I saw you and me – The redeemed.

Scenario: Judgment Day.

Jesus Christ the Advocate
The Accuser of the Brethren
Vincent (“The Redeemed”)

Accuser of the Brethren (speaking to Vincent):

“So here we are. It appears that our little planet, the only stronghold of independence and freedom in the Universe, is going to be wiped off by an invasion carried out by the Omnipotent God. Congratulations, I had no doubts that this would happen one day.

However, what do you – both Heaven and Earth – call it? The judgment day, right? Uh, oh! Very exciting boy! Now, you must feel relieved, even victorious, since you are going to leave my planet and live onto a supposed “new earth,” which is really not all that new to me. I used to live in there. Trust me, behind all that sparkling glamour is boredom – No passion, no excitement, no risk, and, above all – no freedom.

My dear friend, your human self-confidence is bloated and your misguided sense of grace gives you the illusion of justice. Look in my eyes – you have lost touch with the reality of the situation.

One-third of the Angels were cast off from Heaven to Earth. I delighted in witnessing the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. I am the one responsible for torturing, slaughtering, and murdering billions of people. I laughed at your pain, danced at your funerals, and even took picnics on your graves…!

To the whole Universe I am a monster, but you have known about me all your lifetime! Yes, I am a murderer! I kill my enemies! But,what about you? You are selfish, full of rage, weak and cowardly! You are afraid to show your true feelings and worry constantly about others’ approval, all while preaching about a non-existent Mighty God. Non-existent at least in your life. Do you really think that I would let Him cast me into the lake of fire, without dragging you along with me? Do you?”

Vincent: (crying, keeps silent) …

Jesus Christ the Advocate:

“Come out! Come out of that cave, Satan… Come out…!
Do not look for Vincent, Satan, do not look for my son, he is recuperating in the House of My Father. I am the One who paid everything. I know Vincent, better than you do.

One time, he was driving his car along the home road. At a traffic light, he saw a thin man who was wobbling like a drunk among the cars waiting for the green light. The man asked for some money. Seeing him, Vincent’s heart almost stopped. The man was smoking a cigarette jutting out from his lips. A cigarette that he never could light by himself, since both his arms were amputated at the shoulder.

Vincent pulled up his car in into a small isolated road near a field. Moreover, grasping the steering wheel, he began to weep desperately, crying and begging my return on this planet, as though he had lost the most precious thing in life. However, in that moment it was not time yet. Today it is.

He has trusted me, Satan, all this time. He has been feeling compassion all this time. He was born blind, Satan, but he described my colours better than Gabriel has ever done.
That’s why you shall go into the lake of fire alone.

The next time you feel discouraged in your fight, remember that you have an Advocate, who stands beside you in the fire.


Raffaele Battista

Battista has a Master of Theology (Italian Adventist University, Villa Aurora – Italy) and Bachelor of Theology, (Collonges sous Salève – France). He has articles published on Adventus, Theological Review by Italian Adventist University. Writes about religions of the world and political philosophy.

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