International Forum Volume 22, Number 2

Check out the articles in this issue of International Forum, the interdisciplinary research journal of the graduate school of the Adventist Institute of Advanced Studies.

Southern Asia-Pacific March 2, 2020

Whether positive or negative, change is inevitable. In her editorial, Prema Gaikwad previews the articles in this issue of International Forum, the interdisciplinary research journal of the graduate school of AIIAS (Adventist Institute of Advanced Studies), which “presents several interesting perspectives on what happens when the potencies of change are harnessed for the good.” Additional articles include:

The Portrait of a Superwoman: Finding Compatibility and Balance Between Motherhood and Graduate School by Arceli Rosario and Evelyn Obo-Rayos
Using narrative research, this study reflects the experiences of seven full-time doctoral students who are also mothers to young children. It ends with recommendations for graduate schools and the superwomen attending them.

Holding the Fort: The Service-Oriented Leadership of Librarians by Prema Gaikwad, Carol Linda Kingston, Samuel Koranteng, Gianina Estera Petre and Natasha Sinaga-Nangoy
Although librarians at higher education institutions are vital, the behind-the-scenes nature of their work means not much is known about their service and leadership roles. Focusing on six librarians in the Philippines, this “ethnographic study highlights the values and shared culture of librarians of a Christian institution of higher education.”

Responding to K-12 Implementation: A Case Study of an Adventist Secondary School in the Philippines by Donie Ver Medalla and Bella Marie Medalla
In the Philippines, adjusting from a 10-year basic education cycle to a K-12 structure has “presented several challenges such as teachers’ training and deployment and infrastructure requirements to Seventh-day Adventist secondary schools that are already having difficulty in just maintaining their operation and suffering enrollment decline. This paper explores how the leadership of a Seventh-day Adventist secondary school in the Philippines responded to this phenomenon and its impact on the institution.”

Facebook Addiction and Academic Anxiety Among University Students by Darrin Thomas
“Within academics, social media has developed a stronger and stronger presence in the lives of students and educators. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between Facebook addiction and academic anxiety.”

Faith Development Among Elementary Students in an Adventist Campus: A Case Study by Blessing Obaya
The elementary school years are crucial in a child’s faith development. This study found that key influences include family background, environment, and participatory instruction.

Fostering Creative Skills for Students Using Project-Based Learning by Weber Irembere
This paper “points out the roles played by instructors and learners to promote creative thinking using project-based learning, and the challenges they encounter.” It also “provides the ways learners participate in this process in order to be more innovative, collaborative, and creative to solve current and future problems.”

Ethics in Qualitative Research: A Practical Guide by Safary Wa-Mbaleka
Recommended for qualitative researchers interested in strategies for good ethical practices, “this paper goes from the definition of ethics to the importance of ethical practices and to the implementation of practical considerations before, during, and after data collection.”

Job Security and Satisfaction: Experiences of Former Working Students Turned Employees of a Private University by Renato Sagayno, Araceli Tiukinhoy, Maria Teresa Jochin and Ulysses Aparece
Focusing on staff who were student workers prior to graduating, this case study explores factors contributing to job security and satisfaction. In general, participants remained for ten years or more.


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