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Innovative technology facilitates teachers training in new techniques and keeps them updated with the environment of education.

Best Practices November 19, 2020

Technology has affected almost every aspect of life today and education cannot be an exception. Technology in education is the best use of resources to implement the learning and inculcating of knowledge and skills among students. In today’s world, students make the most use of the internet for their research on different topics, for learning essays and articles. With the help of the internet and videos students can learn about different topics with different available techniques. It helps them learn everything faster and more easily.

Technology in the school system has different types of positive effects in the lifestyle of teachers as well as students. A large number of schools now use EDUCOMP as a source of teaching, which also helps teachers to learn and grow in many fields. Innovative technology facilitates teachers training in new techniques and keeps them updated with the environment of education. Almost every school has created its own school application which can be used on mobile phones and laptops by parents at home. From this application, all information such as attendance, marks, exam dates, and much more student-related information is available to parents. Modern technology has made it easier for students as well as teachers to grow well in their career.

Technology in education has negative effects too. Because of emerging technology in the field of education, students have become more problem creators. Students have lost their interest in classroom teaching as they rely totally on the internet. Book-based content is not used by them as their reference during study. With everything available on the internet, it kills the creativity of students as they find everything readily available on the web. They feel they need not waste their time in doing research. One major issue of technology is false information. Each and every information available on the internet is not correct and genuine.

While it is true that technology is a tool that has many advantages in education, teachers need to work with students and parents to ensure the proper use of technology. A balance must be struck with technology in education.


Vineeta Chopra

Vineeta,, since July 2017 is an assistant professor at Metas Adventist College , Surat, India.


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    It was an amazing experience writing a blog.One of the benefits of writing a blog is it frees you to express your thoughts.

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    Awesome Job Ma’am. Appreciate your contribution. Feel proud of you. God bless and prosper your future endeavors.

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