International Journal for Faith Integration Volume 2, Number 1

The International Journal for Faith Integration is a bi-annual, double blind peer-reviewed journal of the Institute for Faith Integration at Babcock University.

Christian Growth August 4, 2021

In this issue of the International Journal for Faith Integration, the authors present research-based and practical articles that reflect how God’s instructions in His words affect what we do and how we live. Articles include:

Instructions for Our Everyday Living and Work by Constance C. Nwosu
The journal’s editor explains the background to this issue’s theme and relates her personal experience with finding God’s instructions in the Bible.

Faith Integration: The Missing Links by John W. Taylor V
“While the concept of faith integration, in and of itself, is not the missing link in Christian education, what is heralded as ‘faith integration’ is often merely a veneer, a sugar-coated secular pill. What is missing is authentic faith integration. This article examines two links frequently missing in faith integration, links that can carry integration from pretense to reality and whose absence can place the entire faith process in critical jeopardy. These end links connect faith integration to its Source and to its object.”

Integration of Faith and Learning: An Incidental or Intentional Approach? by Barbara J. Fisher
The Integration of Faith and Learning (IFL) concept makes Christian education unique. “Yet, despite all the research and information available about IFL the author has discovered that an ‘Intentional’ or an ‘Incidental’ approach to integrating faith and learning in the Christian classroom is still a topic of discussion and debate among teachers. Therefore, in this article the author proposes that both ‘Incidental’ and ‘Intentional’ IFL approaches are complementary and indispensable if a balanced and realistic engagement with Christian education is to be experienced by the students. The application of this thesis in the elementary school setting is then discussed and practical suggestions for its implementation outlined and explored.”

The Ant Model: God’s Framework for Sustainable Institutional and National Development by Daniel A. Babalola and Tomilola Y. Babalola
“This paper examined the challenge recorded in the book of Proverbs 6: 6-11 and analyzed the model that God has deposited in the ant for sustainable development. The scope of the paper covers analysis of the model’s framework and its application to leadership, communication, and conservation as drivers of institutional and national development.”



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