JAE 2021-1

Covering a variety of topics, Volume 83, Issue 1 of The Journal of Adventist Education is now available online.

The Journal of Adventist Education August 12, 2021

A career in Christian education is both rewarding and challenging. In his guest editorial titled The Nicest Work, James C. Davis, Jr. relates excerpts from Ellen White’s Education to his personal experiences. Additional articles in Volume 83, Issue 1 (2021) of The Journal of Adventist Education include:

Building a Culture of Trust: An Imperative for Effective School Leadership by Rodney A. Palmer
Research has shown that “institutions with high levels of trust have more productive workforces, better employee morale, and lower employee turnover.” This article covers best practices for building a culture of trust, which is necessary for faculty, staff, and their leaders to reach their full potential.

Data Matters: Health Statistics Can Empower Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice by Daniel Ganu, Susan M. Baker, and Josephine Ganu
“The objective of Adventist health education is to deliver knowledge in a manner that also shapes the student’s attitudes regarding adopting good health habits and practicing a healthy lifestyle.”

The Alf Model: A Case Study of the Role of Librarians as Mentors in Digital Literacy by Yvette Sparrow
As illustrated by this case study, “libraries can be a valuable resource for students and staff at all levels of education, but especially at higher education institutions, and can be an important link in the educational metamorphosis of students.”

Secularization and the Disappearance of the Holy by Ginger Ketting-Weller
“God invites us to be a holy nation, a holy people. He doesn’t browbeat us into it. We are invited, and we must in turn be invitational to others.”

Authoritative Education: The Recommended Practice for Educators by Manuel Moral, Octavio Ramirez, Malcolm Cort, and George Ashley
“Educators must be intentional in making decisions that will help cultivate an environment where growth takes place. The goal of this article is to inspire Christian teachers and administrators to view an authoritative style as the recommended practice in the complex process of educating and advising students to achieve the goals of true education.”



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