Engage Newsletter Winter 2021

Published quarterly, Engage is the official newsletter for North American Division of Seventh-day Adventist Education.

Engage Newsletter December 23, 2021

Transformations by Arne Nielsen
With interest in the Encounter Bible Series growing worldwide, an International Encounter Steering Committee was formed to help educators decide how the program would fit in their context, as well as to discuss training and resources. With this collaboration, “Encounter Bible is now being adopted in the Euro-Asia Division, Inter-American Division, Korean Union Conference, Middle East and North Africa Union, Chinese Union Mission, Myanmar Union Mission, Southeast Asia Union Mission, and Hong Kong-Macao Conference.”

Highland View Academy – Molding Well-Grounded Graduates Within a Supportive Environment
Although this feature describes Highland View Academy in Maryland, the lifelong benefits students gain can be found at Adventist schools across the North American Division and beyond.

What Is So Special About STEM? by Leisa Morton-Standish
One of the North American Division Office of Education’s top five goals, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) “is an important emphasis for schools as it encourages our students to explore STEM careers, discover the wonder of God’s creative power, opens doors at our universities and in our health care facilities.” This article includes a list of the many opportunities offered to schools.

What’s New in NAD Data? by Martha Ban
Find out what all that data is used for, then check out current education statistics across the entire North American Division or by union.

A History Teacher’s Thoughts on Critical Frameworks by H. Stephen Bralley
While there are useful elements in the many human attempts to frame the study of history, the author suggests that “as Adventist educators we should teach history critically through the lens of the Great Controversy.”

Will the Pandemic Impact Early Literacy? by Evelyn Sullivan
Sadly, many young learners are still suffering from the interruption to their education in 2020. The good news is there are fun ways to help children catch up. One program, “Controlled Phonetic Reading (CPR), an Orton-Gillingham-based product, consists of a variety of HANDS-ON, MULTI-SENSORY, word-for-word teaching lessons designed explicitly for EARLY readers, STRUGGLING readers, and students diagnosed with DYSLEXIA, at an affordable price.”

Topics covered in this issue’s column include Ellen White’s Education, ValueGenesis 4, and more.



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