TEACH Volume 15, Issue 1 (Part 1)

Volume 15, Issue 1 of TEACH Journal of Adventist Education is now available online.

TEACH Journal of Christian Education February 3, 2022

Covering a variety of topics, articles in Volume 15, Issue 1 (2021) of TEACH Journal of Adventist Education include:

Editorial by Graeme Perry
“This editorial discusses the climate change crisis and how recognition of [it] has forced the issue to transform from a political, ideological disruptor to a socially discussed opportunity for making a personal difference for the future.”

Connection, Direction, Teacher Effectiveness and Wellbeing by Chris Starrett, Adelle Faull, and David Faull
“Teacher effectiveness is a multifaceted concept, which sits at the heart of successful educational programs. A balanced approach to evaluating and analysing teacher effectiveness must incorporate recognition and discussion of hard teacher skills such as curriculum planning and procedural professionalism, and soft teacher skills such as the capacity to build rapport with students, deliver content and instruct in engaging ways, which are all essential to effective teaching.”

Teaching and Christian Worldview: The Perceptions of Teachers by Chris Prior
“This paper is based on teachers’ perceptions of Christian worldview. Specifically, it sought to understand how teachers integrate faith and learning utilising a Christian worldview, how they assess student understanding of Christian worldview, the barriers they face, and how they believe schools can better support the practice of worldview integration. This study found that despite evidence of worldview integration, few teachers were assessing the extent to which students understood a Christian worldview. Respondents suggested schools could better support worldview integration through exemplars of practice, more opportunities to share and learn from each, and professional learning that supports biblical literacy.”

Growing Wellbeing by Joshua Brown
“This short article discusses how to handle the wellbeing of adolescents in the 21st century given the extent to which modern life is actually arranged to facilitate human floursihing.”

School Leader Identification: Perceptions of Australian Faith-Based Education System Employees by Peter Williams
“This article aims to contribute to the literature on school leadership identification. It adopts an Australian faith-based education system case study to explore classroom teacher and school-based administrator perceptions of both current and future school leadership identification practices.… The respondents identify six areas of importance for school leadership identification. These include:1) defining what constitutes excellence at the classroom, school, and system levels of leadership; 2) formalising school leadership identification processes; 3) conversing with early career teachers around school leadership aspirations; 4) improving processes to communicate interest in school leadership roles; 5) heightened levels of communication between school principals and system administrators regarding high potential teacher leaders; and 6) providing school-based opportunities for school leadership development.”



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