TEACH Volume 15, Issue 1 (Part 2)

Continued from last week, these articles were included in Volume 15, Issue 1 of TEACH Journal of Christian Education.

TEACH Journal of Christian Education February 10, 2022

Do Tertiary Institutions’ Goals Change? A Delphi Follow-Up Study by Wilf Rieger
“This research investigated the ‘use-by-date’ of Delphi study outcomes – an area overlooked in Delphi literature. The findings signposted the continuing relevance and importance of high priority goals (HPGs) formulated for an educational institution more than two decades ago. Excellence and service featured as foremost values, among others, embedded in or associated with HPGs. The results of the study point to the long-term durability of value-laden goals in Delphi studies; particularly as goals relate to a prevailing worldview.”

Classroom Confirmation Panels: Facilitating Feedback in Communities of Practice in Classroom Learning Groups by Lindsay Morton and Daniel Reynaud
“This article explores innovative peer-assessment strategies to create and support lifelong learners. It proposes that the confirmation panel—a formal progression requirement of a postgraduate degree—can effectively facilitate feedback, function as an assessment tool, and meaningfully induct both secondary and undergraduate tertiary students into a community of practice.”

Critical Reflection – Impact and Implementation Considerations in Early Childhood Education and Care by Debra Williams and Peter Beamish
“This paper reports on a research study that explored the impact and implementation of critical reflection as part of the National Quality Standard (NQS) in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC). This research identified that critical reflection positively impacts ECEC operations and also positively impacts the learning environment of ECEC centres” within Australia.

Love in the Time of Corona Launched: New Creative Writing Anthology Captures Life Under Lockdown by Brenton Stacey
“The introspection from living under lockdown to prevent the spread of a pandemic is captured in a new creative writing anthology by students at Avondale.” The collection “reflects thoughts on distance, isolation, connection and imagination.”

Avondale Scholarship Boosted: Encyclopedia Increases Research Profile by Brenton Stacey
“Articles written by Avondale academics for the new Encyclopedia of Seventh-Day Adventists (ESDA) will significantly increase the university college’s institutional research profile this year.”

Education for What? An Essential Question Amidst the COVID-19 Crisis from an American Perspective by John K. Grant
“Of all the important questions demanding answers, there is one question that demands constant engagement. To what ends are we educating our students?”

A Tribute to Sharney… Her Life as Miss Truscott at Prescott Primary Northern by Tamara Bernoth
This touching reflection of a young teacher’s impact can be an inspiration to all educators. Her students and school family will always remember her dedication and love.



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