In Adventist News: January-March 2022

North American Division publications recently included the following articles that may be of interest to Adventist educators. Enjoy reading!

In Adventist News April 4, 2022

A Call for More Adventist Schools by James C. Davis, Jr.
As more parents become dissatisfied with public education, a time of opportunity is here for Adventist communities to establish Christ-centered schools. While opening a school can bring challenges, God calls us to step out in faith.

An Educators Dream: A Heart of Service for Students by Markie Bazzy
“The benefits of being part of a mission trip are numerous for students. There are things we teach in the classroom that are reflected in service through mission work: empathy, teamwork, life choices and spiritual growth.”

The Impact of COVID-19 on Students with Special Education Needs by Lileth Coke
While most children have had their routines interrupted by to the COVID-19 pandemic, “the children that seem to be most impacted by the disruption are students with special education needs.” This article includes strategies teachers can use to maximize learning outcomes.

The Rise of Adventist Elementary Schools — 2 by George R. Knight
The rapid growth of Adventist elementary schools “gave publicity to the belief that every Adventist young person should have a Christian education.”

Educational Explosion by George R. Knight
The 1890s was a period of missionary explosion “that took Adventism and its educational system quite literally to every corner of the globe.”

Ordained, Anointed, Destined for Ministry by Berit von Pohle
Written by a union vice president for education, this feature explores the biblical basis of ordination and how it can be extended beyond ministers to teachers, students, families, church members and all followers of Jesus.

Battle Cry by Betty Kossick
This feature tells of the early years of Adventist education and the contributions of educational pioneer Goodloe Harper Bell.

Adventist Education: Offering Something Better by Diane Harris
In Adventist schools, “students enter the classroom each day to discover their God-given purpose and to learn skills that prepare them for a life of service. These classrooms are led by dedicated teachers who want to fulfill the mission of Adventist education, which is to help each student reach their highest potential and foster a lifelong friendship with God that allows them to honor Him and bless others.”

One-Room Schools: Yesterday and Today by Renee Coffee
“One-room schools have been, are, and will always be an integral part of Adventist education. Only in heaven will we begin to understand the vital role one-room schools have had in the lives of students who passed through their doors.”

Nurturing STEM Growth by Emily Gibbs
This inspiring feature describes how STEM programming prepares students for careers in science, technology, engineering, and math, as well as for eternity!



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