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Remember that first meaningful conversation with a mentor colleague? Or, that stimulating conversation with a small group of educators during a breakout session at a professional development conference? Productive conversation can be powerful, transformative, and energizing. We set out to create a space for this type of interaction when we launched Adventist Educators Blog in 2017. We envisioned a “digital staff room”—an online space for conversations that would inspire interaction among Adventist educators globally. Educators would dialogue using online blogging tools and enlarge their perspectives through freely accessible continuing education.

Adventist Educators Blog publishes reflective blog posts from Adventist educators transnationally. These insights represent the diversity of Adventist educational contexts. By 2020, more than 180,000 people visited the blog website. Contributors are Seventh-day Adventist educators who work in a range of environments, from large university campuses to rural schools, each one sharing reflections and practical ideas for what works best and what matters most for Adventist educators called to the ministry of educating for eternity.

This collection shares select blog posts that showcase Adventist faith at work in diverse educational spaces. Through concise, practical posts representative of the diversity of settings where Christian education takes place, educators write on 12 thematic areas: philosophy and mission; Christian growth; curriculum; assessment and evaluation; instruction and teaching; learning; sustainable leadership; professional development; school environment; communication and cooperation; reflective practice; and best practices. Each theme represents a core standard for Adventist education.

Posts in this collection can also be read online at in most languages using an online translation tool. We invite you to read, share, and join the conversation by selecting the “view blog post online” link at the end of each entry. We hope that the busy teacher or administrator will find the content applicable to their educational ministry. Above all, we hope you will be inspired, encouraged, and energized as you read.

The Adventist Educators Blog Editorial Team

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Editorial Team

Adventist Educator Blog editorial staff include a team working from each continent to curate Adventist education news, compile digest posts of Adventist education journal articles, and edit posts from Adventist educators in each world division.

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