In Adventist News: April-June 2022

North American Division publications recently included the following articles that may be of interest to Adventist educators. Enjoy reading!

In Adventist News June 27, 2022

Adventist Education: Journey to Excellence 2.0 by Arne Nielsen
“Adventist education has been serving the World Church for almost 170 years. In 1903, Ellen G. White wrote the book Education, which sets forth the unique and challenging idea that ‘the work of education and the work of redemption are one’ (p. 246). The ultimate goal of all learning should be to understand more about our Creator-Redeemer and reflect that understanding in our personal lives and our students.”

Turning Education on Its Head by George R. Knight
Ellen White’s book Education is one of her most important contributions to Adventism. The philosophy it presents turned traditional education on its head.

Deepening Roots and Unfurling Wings by Berit con Pohle
The author’s memories of specific educators throughout his experience in all levels of Adventist education is a testament to the difference Adventist teachers make. Continue reading in this fifth annual education issue of the Pacific Union Recorder for more articles of note.

Creating Meaningful Learning by Theresa Robidoux
Read about Standards-Based Learning and how it will impact classrooms in the North American Division.

The Core of a Student’s Growth Journey by Jazzmine Bankston
In this school’s Journey of Discipleship program, “high school students are consistently challenged, prompted and encouraged to listen and lean into God’s deep calling in their lives.”

Education Evangelism by George R. Knight
Read how “Ellen White’s book Education takes the topic of pedagogy out of the realm of the mundane and transfers it to a crucial issue in the great controversy.”

Get the Sleep You Need by Christina Wells
“When most people think about lifestyle modifications, many consider how they will change their diet or exercise more, both of which are very important. However, many are unaware of the impact of sleep on health.”

Hood View Takes Kindergarten to the Forest by McKenzie Wallace
Students are thriving in this outdoor classroom, where they learn about nature as well as basic academics.



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