In Adventist News: July-September 2022 (part 2)

Continued from last week, here are more articles about education in the North American Division.

In Adventist News October 3, 2022

Building Life Around Education and Service by Joshua Anguiano
“I built my life around education because not only did I find my place in the world, but I believe it is life changing. I try to work with a deep sense of contributing to my community. I did that in journalism, and I carried that ethos with me into education: I’m here to serve and give my best to these students. This mindset has helped carry me through challenging times. Education is where I feel most at home, most authentic and, most importantly, it is where I serve God.”

Conflict Resolution for Kids by LaVonne Long
While written from a family perspective, these tips can also be applied to the classroom.

Talking to Children about Violence by Melissa Ponce-Rodas
This article references “several pieces that have been written in response to violence and tragedies so you, too, can find the tools to help you and your family process what is going on.”

Paradigm Shift in Education Across the Northeastern Conference by Debra Banks Cuadro
Changes in the Northeastern Conference include rebranding, constituent support from churches conference-wide, affordability, and a strategic plan focusing on student centricity with five priority areas.

Passing the Passion for Jesus by Holly Kay

Several educators reflect on their careers and how their own teachers influenced who they are today.

Transcending Culture, Location, and School Size by Renee Whiting
“Whether teaching slope-intercept form in Algebra I or letter of the week during kindergarten circle time, the ultimate goal was always the same. It was the promise of introducing each child to Jesus. It is and will always be the one unifying theme that will transcend culture, size or location of any school. It is the guaranteed equitable unification of a God-centered nurturing educational experience through a myriad of differences. It is the globally diverse unified distinctive imprint of an Adventist education.”

Bloom Where You’re Planted Melanie Kartik
“Sometimes choosing to serve God might mean travelling thousands of miles to new places before putting down roots. Other times, however, God calls us to stay right where we are and give back to the community that cared for us in our early years.”



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