Engage Newsletter Winter 2022

Published quarterly, Engage is the official newsletter for North American Division of Seventh-day Adventist Education.

Engage Newsletter December 26, 2022

Seeing a School with Fresh Eyes by Arne Nielsen
During school accreditation visits, “it becomes apparent the type of relationships among the school family and the local church. Educators are empowered to teach, manage, clean, repair, serve, and are ultimately responsible for creating the tone and culture of the school.”

Educational Collaboration in the South Atlantic Conference by Angelia Mahone
“The schools in the South Atlantic Conference function within regions with the respective states to bridge the geographic gap and to fully utilize the resources and skills of its faculty and staff within the school system,” allowing for collaboration and collegiality.

NEW: Standards-based Adventist Teacher Toolbox on the ALC by Leisa Morton-Standish
“The [North American Division] Office of Education in cooperation with the Adventist Learning Community are pleased to announce a new interactive digital database for teachers K-12 that is a one-stop shop for Standards-based Learning (SBL) resources.”

TDEC is Here to Serve! by Martha Ban
Meet the members of the Technology and Distance Education Committee, which “meets regularly to discuss new technologies, explore distance education programs and protocols, approve preferred vendors, aggregate technological resources, and create sample technology-related documents for schools – just to name a few of the responsibilities.”

Serving a God of Abundance by H. Stephen Bralley
“The temptation is to believe we operate in scarcity, becoming increasingly conservative, constricted and insular. But we serve a God of abundance, that should compel us to become innovative, open, and adventurous.”

The Power of Affirmation by Evelyn Sullivan
“As parents and educators, we can strive to help our children view themselves positively. So, instead of focusing on appearance, let’s help them see themselves in a positive light. Here are 25 phrases that can help you do just that.”



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