TEACH Volume 16, Issue 1 (Part 1)

Volume 16, Issue 1 of TEACH Journal of Adventist Education is now available online.

TEACH Journal of Christian Education May 8, 2023

Covering a variety of topics such as teacher stressors and student mental health, articles in Volume 16, Issue 1 (2022) of TEACH Journal of Adventist Education include:

Editorial by Graeme Perry
Perry previews this issue by discussing some of the reasons teachers are leaving the occupation.

Mr J and his ‘Insta’ Account: Aaron Builds Big Social Media Following to Inspire Other Teachers by Sharna Kosmeier
In this interview, learn how Australian teacher Aaron Johnston uses social media to connect with teachers around the world. Johnston also responds to questions about remote learning and the impacts of COVID on learning.

Managing Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) from a Christian School’s Perspective by Marion Shields
Oppositional Defiance Disorder “is a serious juvenile mental health concern causing extreme distress to both parents and educators. This paper has been written from a Christian perspective and describes the criteria for a diagnosis as well as its incidence. Research has been ongoing and a number of known links to the condition are detailed. The greater part of the paper focuses on effective, evidence-based strategies together with succinct summaries. These include teaming with parents, the school team, classroom structure and management, pedagogy and engagement, relating to the child and teacher well-being.”

Wellbeing Notebook: Implementing Wellbeing by Paul Glasbergen, Angela Hamilton, Adam Kranz, and Andrew Bateman
This school recognizes “that the true care of our students happens via all of our individual employees, from cleaners and maintenance workers to teachers and administrators. It is the sense that belonging only happens when it is felt from multiple areas, within multiple settings and from multiple people. With the support of peers, significant adults and systems, students grow towards the desired sense of belonging.”

Where to Go for a Christian Research Degree? Part 2 of a Two-part Report by Peter W. Kilgour, Maria T. Northcote, and Carolyn Rickett
“This paper reports on research conducted at [Avondale University] which focused on the following two questions: What were the differences between the way current candidates and graduates reported on their postgraduate learning experiences in the [Master of Philosophy] or [Doctor of Philosophy] degrees at Avondale? And, what were the differences between the way males and females reported on their postgraduate learning experiences in the MPhil or PhD degrees at Avondale?

Becoming Better People: Children’s Perceptions of How a School’s Garden Program Has Impacted Their Actualisation of Values by Beverly J. Christian and Jason K. Morton
“This case study in one primary school used focus groups to gather children’s perceptions of how they actualised values in the context of a school garden program. The garden program’s organisational elements were found to positively impact the actualisation of intrapersonal and interpersonal values.”



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