My Dashboard for Effective Teaching – Part 3

Assessment and Evaluation January 29, 2024

This post continues to share methods from my dashboard for the effective integration of faith and teaching. See part 1 for strategies to carry out before class and part 2 for steps to take during a lesson. This section covers reflection practices an instructor can carry out once a lesson has been completed. 

After the lesson, I evaluate my performance and recommit myself. 

My self-evaluation is based on Scripture, and I consider what different entities might think of me after the lesson I have delivered. These include:

  • God 
  • The learners
  • The industries that may employ my learners
  • Me

I then obtain inspiration from Scripture and commit myself to:

  • Remembering that God is who I must ultimately satisfy through my teaching ministry
  • Evaluating my thoughts and deeds and aligning them with God’s will
  • Refocusing on God’s plan and purpose for putting me in the classroom
  • Reexamining my Christian faith and values
  • Submitting fully to God and concentrating on His teaching business
  • Keeping my ultimate reward from God in mind

As I have worked through these steps, I have become familiar with the requirements of Christian classroom dynamics. I have also steadily become imbued with principles that promote the integration of faith and teaching. Moreover, as I search daily for specific verses corresponding to the lesson contents, my practical knowledge of God’s workings in day-to-day life has grown. 

Part 4 will display my full dashboard for the integration of faith and teaching.


Juvenal Balisasa

Dr. Balisasa currently serves as Education Director of the West-Central Africa Division. He is an ordained minister of the Gospel. He holds degrees in Agriculture, Religion, Business, and Religious Education. He is married to Victoria, and both are blessed with three young adults. Before now he served the church mainly as a teacher at all levels of education and pastor in education institutions. He is regularly engaged in counseling young people and is passionate about creating, developing, and sustaining Adventists schools.

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