July 2019 Adventist Conferences for Educators

The Babcock University 3rd Faith Integration Conference and Avondale College Faith & Science Conference are happening in July 2019.

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Partnering with Parents: Topical Training

Help your students thrive by building stronger families through short, engaging, easy-to-read newsletters for parents of children and teens.

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Father Dropping Off Daughter In Front Of School Gates

Partnering with Parents: Training through Newsletters

As a principal or teacher, you know that family education is a crucial factor to a child’s ability to fully engage in learning in any…

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8 Tips for Teaching through Tough Times

Picture yourself as teaching in a country in turmoil. Due to environmental factors such as war, civil unrest, natural disaster or major economic crises, the…

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Woman reading the Bible.

8 Approaches to Values Education

So you've read and heard a lot about why we teach Christian values. But have you wished for more ideas on how to do this…

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Indian Ocean Adventist Education Summit

Adventist Education Summit brought together 497 teachers, district pastors, and education leaders from the seven fields and conferences comprising the Indian Ocean Union Conference (IOUC).

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How Assessment Helps Students Make Faith Connections

The form assessment takes differs with the nature of the course of study as well as with the level of education.

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