Southern Asia-Pacific

Cambodia: Growing Students in Faith

In this article, we will share just a few of the many ways we seek to incorporate faith elements into our teaching program.

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Unfinished Now: Visionary Leadership

Good leadership begins with a vision. How can you support your students in becoming visionary leaders today?

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Bridging Gaps with Alumni

Alumni relationships in a university are the backbone to the sustainability of any given vision.

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Transforming Leadership in Higher Education Institutions

Maintaining quality in education requires us to follow the Bible’s instruction to work enthusiastically as though we are working for God rather than for human…

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Teacher helping a disabled pupil at the elementary school

Qualities of an Inclusive Christian Teacher

The ultimate focus of Adventist education seeks “to restore the image of Christ in those placed under their care.”

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Pre School Teacher Reading Story To Excited Happy Children And Praying

Qualities of Christ-Filled Adventist Teachers

Our duty as Adventist teachers is to inspire our students to love God.

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Table with a fruit basket

Attributes of Professional Christian Leaders

Christian leaders should not dwell on titles, ranks, or positions, but on God’s leading.

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Woman reading the Bible.

8 Approaches to Values Education

So you've read and heard a lot about why we teach Christian values. But have you wished for more ideas on how to do this…

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Growing Professionally in Christ

We should strive to continually gaze upon the life of Christ and keep following His precepts and growing in His grace until He comes again…

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Effective Strategies for Teaching Second Language Learners

It is important to have varied ways to help students memorize the vocabulary and then use the words correctly.

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Have a Life

Meaningless! Meaningless! Says the Teacher. Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless. What does he gain from all his labor under the sun? (Ecclesiastes 1:2) When did…

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Teaching Grammar with Nature and the Bible

Motivating students to learn grammar can be tricky, but teaching it in context helps.

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