Mother reading Bible stories to her boy

Evaluación: una sucinta perspectiva bíblica (Parte 2)

En esta parte vamos a examinar la tercera principio para mejor entender el ejemplo de Dios.

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Depressed teen student helplessly stares at his reflection in bathroom mirror.

200 Reasons to Live – Part 1

Everything started right before the 2017 summer vacation. The television series Thirteen Reasons Why, Season 1 had been released months before.

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School student's taking exam, thinking hard, writing answer in classroom for educational university admission test and world literacy day concept

Evaluación: una sucinta perspectiva bíblica (Parte 1)

La evaluación se hace presente desde el principio en el proceso de aportación y adquisición del conocimiento por medio de las acciones pedagógicas correspondientes.

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Pupil writing on the board at elementary school maths class

Employment Equity Encouraged (Part 2)

Before Andrews University became the largest Christian university or college in the state of Michigan it was opened as Battle Creek College.

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Portrait of a smiling young woman wearing a red shirt and holding an open book while standing near a concrete wall with education icons on it.

Como ajudar seus alunos a escolherem a Profissão Certa

Como professores é importante lembrar os alunos que uma decisão como essa implica em tomar partido entre as possibilidades igualmente atrativas e conviver também com…

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Schoolgirl and teacher playing acoustic guitar in music class

Employment Equity Encouraged (Part 1)

These people could all be somewhere else earning a lot more money, but they chose to give of themselves as locally funded employees to their…

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blue sky, parachute and human silhouette. adventure

What Color is Your Parachute—God’s Will for You!

God has a revealed will through the scriptures, and a solid connection with Him will show you the way.

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Asian female teacher teaching diversity kids reading book in classroom,Kindergarten pre school concept

Uma escola segundo a vontade de Deus (parte 2)

Nosso exemplo é Cristo e através dEle, alcançamos o ideal de Deus para a jornada educacional.

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Children with rucksacks running in the park near school. Pupils with books and backpacks outdoors

School for Life

By encouraging connections and skills for our students, and by showing interest in them and their lives.

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Happy couple being attended by office worker at office

Customer Service—What’s your Brand?

The Bible puts customer service and the customer experience squarely at the top of the list of all Christian quality traits.

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Mother's hand giving young tree to a child for planting together in green nature background

Uma escola segundo a vontade de Deus (parte 1)

A vida de uma criança é muito importante e a responsabilidade de orientar vai muito além dos objetivos de uma simples grade curricular.

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Painting the World’s Portrait of God to Students

As an Adventist teacher of Geography, one of the topics I often emphasize is the “The Creation worldview of the world”.

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