Sustainable Leadership

Ethical Practices in Educational Leadership Part 1

Leadership and ethics must go hand-in-hand. The Bible provides us with principles which guide us in the practice of ethical leadership.

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Discovering the Components of Sustainable Leadership

Following the example of Jesus, we can see the components needed to create an atmosphere of successful leadership.

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Five Smooth Stones for Leadership

In in many organizations life is like mountains of challenges, faced by opposing mountains of strategists, championing different ideas and philosophies.

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O Ponto Cego do Gestor Escolar

Estávamos andando de carro quando de repente uma moto passou por nós em alta velocidade, sem que tivéssemos visto. Assustado, meu esposo garantiu: “não vi…

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O atendimento da Secretaria Escolar

É preciso sempre estar conectado com a rotina escolar e ter informações sempre atualizadas e precisas para auxiliar os pais e alunos em suas necessidades.

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Creating a Vibrant Youth Program: Helpful Resources

As an educator, I believe that sharing knowledge with one another is imperative, which is why I pass along these resources in confidence.

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Bringing up Future Leaders in Schools

If leadership skills are not taught systematically, possibly only a few students get any chance for practicing.

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Bridging Gaps with Alumni

Alumni relationships in a university are the backbone to the sustainability of any given vision.

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Juntos somos más fuertes

Cuales son los factores más influyentes del profesor en el logro académico de los alumnos? El factor que se destaca significativamente es autoeficacia colectiva del…

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College Student Making Presentation In CAD/3D Printing Class

Leading When You Cannot Speak

As we draw closer to the return of Christ, it becomes more and more urgent for us as a people to reflect the character of…

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Businessman stopping domino effect with his finger. Security and insurance concept.

Lead by Investing in People

A study of the Gospels and the book of Acts reveals the saga of Christian leadership by recounting the story of Jesus in his relationship…

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Teacher teaching kids on digital tablet in classroom at school

Seeing Yourself Through Their Eyes

I believe these students came to see me as a teacher who had “care and concern” for her students, and perhaps, as a spiritual role…

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