Adventist Educators Speak: Insights on Educating for Eternity

Download the Adventist Educators Blog’s first book compilation, Adventist Educators Speak: Insights on Educating for Eternity, published by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. This book is available as a free resource for all Adventist educators.

This collection shares select blog posts that showcase Adventist faith at work in diverse educational spaces. Through concise, practical posts representative of the diversity of settings where Christian education takes place, educators write on 12 thematic areas: philosophy and mission; Christian growth; curriculum; assessment and evaluation; instruction and teaching; learning; sustainable leadership; professional development; school environment; communication and cooperation; reflective practice; and best practices. Each theme represents a core standard for Adventist education.

The Adventist Educators Blog Editorial Team

Adventist Educators Speak: Insights on Educating for Eternity

As you read these bite-sized reflections from practicing teachers worldwide, you will be inspired. They are practical, relevant, and drawn from real-life. They provide a positive Adventist worldview on teaching and encourage the reader to move forward with numerous best practice strategies. Be renewed. Be challenged. Reawaken your passion for being God-filled and student-focused.

David McClintock, Education Director, South Pacific Division

The Adventist education dynamic has many attributes, and this collection explores some of them through conversations about core values, contemporary challenges, and solutions. Through this medium, educators can gain insight into an Adventist education worldview and begin engagement and collaboration across institutions, conferences, unions, and divisions. Above all, through the lens of education, it provides a sense of unity and oneness. 
Arne Nielsen, Vice President for Education, North American Division

Adventist Educators Speak! is truly a well-selected collection of short motivational articles pertaining to Adventist education, which can transform your mindset and inspire your soul. 
Ivan Riapolov, Education Director, Euro-Asia Division

When the battery in my smartphone or tablet runs low, I reach for my charger–not just any unit, but my Quick Charge (QC) or Power Delivery (PD) charger. After all, there are things to do and places to go. That is what this book is about: connecting to power in rapid boosts of energy. Each short essay comes with the promise to reenergize our lives as educators. 
–John Wesley Taylor V, Associate Director of Education, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

The title of this book represents its content. Indeed, Adventist Educators Speak! They speak from what they have read, heard, seen, done, and a multiplicity of experiences that make them who they are. The core message throughout this book is integrating faith and learning and the relationship of the educators with their Master Teacher, Jesus Christ. This is a must read for teachers, students, parents, and supporters of Adventist education! 
Richard A. Sabuin, Associate Director of Education, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists