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We welcome comments by Seventh-day Adventist educators. In order to foster an inviting space for intelligent discussion as Christian educators, please follow these simple guidelines as you join the conversation.

  1. Be constructive

We encourage reflections more than reactions. Keep it relevant! Explain why. Comments should contain original thought and be related to the topic of the original post. Off-topic comments will be removed. We will also remove any posts that are obviously commercial or otherwise spam-like. This comment space is a place to build each other up.

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Cultivate a respectful tone, especially toward those with whom you disagree. Remember that tone of voice is easily misinterpreted when using words on a screen. We approve respectful comments, so please be considerate of other views and beliefs. Comments over 300 words in length will be removed.

  1. Be wise

If you want to comment, please use your real name and email. Comments with personal information (home address, cell phone…) will not be approved. We will never disclose your email.