Guidelines for Writers

French – Directives pour l’écrivain
Portuguese – Orientações aos Escritores
Spanish – Orientación a los escritores

A. Consider the purpose of the blog to inspire interaction between Adventist educators globally.

B. Write about one of these continuing education themes for Adventist educators:

1. Philosophy & mission
2. Christian growth
3. Curriculum
4. Assessment & evaluation
5. Instruction & teaching
6. Learning
7. Sustainable leadership
8. Professional development
9. School environment
10. Communication & cooperation
11. Reflective practice
12. Best practices

Learn more about each theme here.

C. Keep these guidelines in mind:

1. Be concise. Share your points in 500 words or less.
2. Share practical tips. Focus on what you’ve learned through experience as an Adventist educator.
3. All work must be your own. Previous publications may be reworked as long as your contract allows for that. We do not re-post or re-publish.
4. Any quotes must be referenced. This includes online and printed sources.
5. Consult these sources for tips on best practice in blog writing:

D. Email your blog article to [email protected] in Word or HTML format. We reserve the right to edit any or all parts of your blog to reflect our desired purpose and tone. We will consult authors about any substantial edits. You will be asked to sign a writer’s agreement. You will be notified by email when your post is published.

E. Invite Adventist colleagues to read and contribute to the blog. Tell your friends about your blog, promote your post on social media such as Twitter or Facebook, and link to it on your blog and website if you have them. Inspire friends to write in their area of educational expertise, growing the community.