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Take a look at our favorite resources on personalized learning, collected and reviewed by CIRCLE.

Learning February 9, 2017

Take a look at our favorite resources on personalized learning, collected and reviewed by CIRCLE. Experienced Adventist educators sift the ever expanding array of online resources for those of best value for Adventist teachers, administrators and support staff, curating lists for quick and easy use by busy educators anywhere, anytime.

A Working Definition of Personalized Learning
Information sheet explains the educational concept of personalized learning with descriptions of learner profiles, personal learning paths, competency-based progression, and flexible learning environments.

The Politics of Personalization in the 21st CenturyThis article provides a brief introduction to the discourse on personalization from the perspectives of Canadian teachers.

K-12 Blueprint – Personalized Learning
This website provides a collection of blogs, articles, and videos related to personalized learning; also included are success stories of schools using personalized learning strategies. (Sponsored by Intel.)

Designing Personalized Learning for Every Student
This book provides a strategy for designing personalized curriculum and instruction by taking what works for students with learning disabilities and behavior problems and applying it to the full spectrum of student differences.

Anatomy of a Mobilized Lesson – Learning My Way
In our school-based research work in introducing mobilized curricula to a class, we observe many benefits of learning in this way, such as it allows multiple entry points and learning pathways, supports multi-modality, and supports the sharing and creation of student artifacts on the move.

Fostering Personalized Learning in Science Inquiry Supported by Mobile Technologies
“In this paper, we present a mobile technology-assisted seamless learning process design… where students use a goal-based approach to the experiential learning model as the pedagogical design to support the student’s personalized learning process.”

Education Week Spotlight on Personalized Learning
Access a guide and nine articles hand-picked by Education Week editors about personalized learning.
Purchase access to the nine articles and a resource guide in a downloadable PDF for $4.95 or register for a subscription of Education Week for online access to this resource and many other archived and current articles.

Learning Personalized — The Evolution of the Contemporary Classroom
This clear and practical guide explores what personalized learning looks like, how it changes the roles and responsibilities of every stakeholder, and why it inspires innovation.

Personalized Learning
The North American Division is taking steps to adopt personalized learning innovations and the Universal Design for Learning Framework. This article describes personalized learning, and how it is different than differentiated instruction and individualized instruction.

Strategies for Making Any Classroom Extraordinary
Gifted education strategies may be good for all children. Topics include: Curriculum Compacting; Compacting Is a Three Step Process; Advanced Enrichment; High-Level Thinking; Interdisciplinary Themes; Contact With Experts; Personalized Projects; Research Encounters; Learning Contracts; Issues and Dilemmas; Learning Portfolios.

CAST – Universal Design for Learning
CAST, the Center for Applied Special Technology, provides professional development, does research and publishes on UDL and differentiated or individualized instruction.

Technology for Learning
PLATO, a courseware curriculum library using CD-ROM technology, offers more than 2,000 lessons and 4,700 learning objectives in language arts, math, science, life skills, and computer awareness—a curricular approach to computer-based learning and individualized instruction.

Teaching Principles of Jesus, Part 1, An Introduction
The author presents Jesus’ life and ministry as an ideal model for Christian educators, and seeks to identify and examine the teaching principles that guided His life.

Teaching Principles of Jesus, Part 2, An Introduction
This article examines the teaching principles of Jesus Christ, in order to discover strategies for Christian teachers today. It is the second part in a series of two by author Reuben Hilde.

Effective Teaching in a Multi-grade Classroom
This 2012 NAD presentation explores teaching strategies in a multi-grade classroom. The presentation also contains research-based findings about multi-grade teaching.

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