Teacher Training Resources for Principals

Take a look at our favorite teacher training resources for principals, collected and reviewed by CIRCLE.

Sustainable Leadership February 20, 2017

Take a look at our favorite teacher training resources for principals, collected and reviewed by CIRCLE.  Experienced Adventist educators sift the ever expanding array of online resources for those of best value for Adventist teachers, administrators and support staff, curating lists for quick and easy use by busy educators anywhere, anytime.

Do They Understand What I Just Taught?
This NAD presentation focuses on formative assessment ideas, both formal and informal, to assist teachers in determining if their students understand a developing concept.

Olweus Bullying Prevention Program
Supported by the North American Office of Education for all Seventh-day Adventist elementary and secondary schools in this Division, this website provides training, interactive programs, key information about bullying, cyber bullying, and dating violence, and explains how schools, community organizations, and parents can create safe, healthy environments.

Emergency University
Provides online or blended CPR, AED, and first aid training in English, Spanish, or Chinese.

NAD Teacher Conventions
Review a variety of presentation notes and handouts available digitally from past NAD and SDACC teacher conventions, organized in sections from this link.

Journal of Adventist Education
Search the digital archives by author, issue, or keywords to find great articles that may have been ignored when the print issue came to a school as it was not needed then.  Articles are available in Spanish, French, and Portuguese as well.

Teach Journal
Hosted by Avondale College School of Education, this journal has practical articles applying current research and theory to Christian Education.

Partnerships with Parents
This list of six resources is designed to work with parents in building a child’s faith, originally created for the Journey to Excellence website.

Developing Excellence in 4 Minutes
This Teach Journal article focuses on the importance of investing in teacher development. According to research the variable that impacts student learning the most is the quality of the teacher.

The Missing Piece of the Staff Development Puzzle: Teacher Study Groups
This article from the special JAE issue on staff development discusses teacher study groups as a way of having teachers practice new classroom techniques after the initial training.

What to do with a Failing Teacher or Principal
This article suggests exploring the reasons why failing teachers or principals are unsuccessful. They include (1) inadequate training; (2) wrong assignment; (3) lack of peer and administrative support; (4) mismatch between profession and personality, and (4) burnout.

Cooling Down the Teaching Stress Soup
Teachers will feel more relaxed, peaceful, energized and confident with this high-impact and fun stress-management seminar. Teachers’ lives are busy and many feel overwhelmed at times; stress-management training can save careers and keep teachers healthy.

Teacher University: Free Online Education
Update technology skills for teaching through free MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) specifically designed for teachers. A Certificate of Completion is awarded if all course components are done.

Lifeline – A Handbook for Small School Success
This valuable NAD small school teacher/principal manual includes checklists, ideas, options, important things to do and remember, problem-solving strategies, teaching strategies, and professional development information.

JAE Editorial: What the Best Teachers Do
The editor reflects on the qualities exceptional teachers, and challenges Adventist teachers to awaken a desire to reach God’s ideal in each student. Other articles in this issue include:

Teacher Empowerment and Teacher Evaluation
Evaluation can be more effective in helping teachers and supervisors practice evaluation in such a way as to empower teachers for their own professional development and in helping teachers grow professionally.

What Students Want – Characteristics of Effective Teachers from the Students’ Perspective
Consider findings on students’ perceptions of effective teaching in higher education. Researchers isolated the top nine characteristics for online and for face-to-face students, briefly reported here.

Adventist Schools – Communities of Faith
Adventist schools are viewed as communities of faith in which every aspect contributes to the ultimate goal of Christian education – comprehensive restoration. This thoroughly biblical, Christ-centered model offers an integrated framework for Christian educators to evaluate their work, both individually and corporately, and to address recognized needs systematically.

Ways to Use the Visual Valet Model and Biblical Integration Lesson Template
Consider using the Visual Valet model and biblical integration lesson plan template as practical tools to intentionally teacher from a Christian worldview. This NAD presentation connects you to easy-to-understand resources. The handout includes sample Adventist lessons at several levels and in a variety of subjects. Use this biblically integrated lesson plan template to prompt intentional faith integration in your lessons!  Accompanying handout.

Run a School – A Principal’s Manual for Pacific Island Schools
Developed for South Pacific Division Island Adventist school principals, this handbook or manual provides a wealth of information and forms on how to run a Christian school as a community of grace.

The Christian School – A Community of Grace
Dr. Don Roy shares what it takes to develop a faith-oriented learning community and notes that whatever steps taken to help students build deeper connections, meaning, and purpose in their intellectual, emotional, and spiritual lives is truly spiritual.

Humber Centre for Teaching and Learning
Lots of resources for teachers including videos, rubrics, checklists, short handouts, as well as continuing education courses.

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