School Environment

Adventist schools aim to be better. Better schools need a better school environment. Teachers and the students are the backbone of any school environment.

School Environment November 30, 2020

Education is a vaccination to preclude ignorance. For a bright prospect for our country, for our own status or religion, education plays a vital role. A good citizen of a country who votes to form a stable government is a student that gets nurtured in his or her initial stage of life with basic knowledge, which is a byproduct of education.  Knowledge is not just one antibiotic which a student swallows and gets educated, but it is the school that plays an inevitable role in a student’s life, which imbues basic as well as advanced knowledge in them. Better schools need a better school environment. Teachers and the students are the backbone of any school environment. But, above all, we should never forget the Creator, the Almighty, who has given us the freedom to be in such an environment. The grace and opportunity given by God to learn positive thoughts should always be on the hearts of teachers as well as the students who are the future of the nation.

A school should aim to employ redemptive discipline in which the teacher maintains a position of authority. Therefore, a teacher monitors and imposes rules and administers those rules. A teacher should always motivate a student towards creativity and understanding their own potential, instead of only focusing on punishment and rewards. A school with a positive environment employs teachers who deal with their students the same as the Almighty serves His people. 

Public relations, or marketing, is a very important part of education. As a teacher, how would you inculcate public relation qualities into those innocent students who have not yet faced the world?

  • A teacher can have role plays with real time situations.
  • A teacher can conduct a picnic in various regions of our country which will help students to identify different cultures and also “Unity in Diversity.”
  • Conflict management as part of public relations should be a part of the learning process.
  • A teacher should always sit with the two students who are in conflict and teach them how to solve it.

Boil a beaker full of water to 100 degrees Celsius and then let it cool down. The water cannot cool down below the room temperature. This is the law of equilibrium. The water attains its stable temperature. Two elements of matter contrary to each other cannot be stable until and unless they achieve their equilibrium state. Likewise a teacher should develop an ability to maintain equilibrium in terms of discipline in class which will reflect ideal classroom management. 

Let’s create a better school environment. Let’s create leaders. Let’s create a kind-hearted and a gracious human being. Teachers are mentors.  Are you?


Surabhi Akash

Surabhi, MBA (Specialization in Finance), M. Com, is an assistant professor at METAS Adventist College, Surat, India.

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