4th International Faith Integration Conference Online: June 30 to July 2

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West-Central Africa April 12, 2021

Babcock University’s Institute for Faith Integration invites Adventist educators around the globe to attend the 4th International Conference for Faith Integration virtually, June 30 to July 2, 2021. This conference provides professionals from different spheres of life to interact on diverse contexts and issues in the integration of faith.

The theme for this year’s conference is Faith Integration: The Vertical and the Horizontal. As this is an online conference, anyone with internet and a device with audio and video can attend and present from the comfort and safety of your own space.

The concept of faith integration has been generally viewed as the development of the integral relationship which exists between faith (especially the Christian faith) and human knowledge, particularly as expressed in the various disciplines (Hasker, 1992). This suggests a broad interconnectedness of faith, learning, and all aspects of life (Taylor, 2012). The focal point in this world view is the centrality of the word of God in mapping whole-person development, governance, business administration, science, research and sustainable development.

  • How can this be achieved without attenuating or compromising standards in these various aspects of life?
  • Can the word of God be trusted as a sufficient benchmark in developing applicable theories and providing solutions to problems in the various aspects of life?
  • Is there a nexus between our connection with God and efficient outputs in all works of life?
  • Can we find principles to guide our relationships and behaviors in our biological, socio-economic and political environments?

The main objective for selecting the theme Faith Integration: The Vertical and the Horizontal for this 4th International Conference for Faith Integration is to harvest discussions from scholars globally that will provide answers to these questions and more. It is hoped that the following sub-themes attract a robust and all-inclusive discussion.

  • Ethics and values
  • Science and technology
  • Language and culture
  • Whole person development
  • Value chain development
  • Sustainable development
  • Research and development
  • End time dynamics
  • Nation building
  • Health care delivery and medical ethics
  • Teaching and learning

The a priori expectation is that at the end of the conference, there would be a harvest of recommendations affirming that faith integration is sine qua non to finding solutions to problems and bridging the gaps in the various aspects of life. Papers and presentations should reflect but are not limited to these sub-themes. Submission of presentation proposals to [email protected] is extended to April 16, 2021.  

Visit babcock.edu.ng/ICFI/ for details. Registration is US$40 through April 30, 2021.


Constance C. Nwosu

Associate Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness at Babcock University.

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