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Focusing on STEM, Volume 84, Issue 1 (2022) of The Journal of Adventist Education is now available online.

The Journal of Adventist Education October 27, 2022

The theme of this special issue of The Journal of Adventist Education (JAE) is revitalizing Adventist education through science, technology, engineering, and math, collectively known as STEM . “We want our students well prepared to succeed at the next level, whether the next grade up, academy, careers, college, or graduate and professional schools. In this issue and the next, you will find various topics geared for small schools and others that can be adapted for use by any K-16 teacher.” Monica Jackson Nudd, a STEM Coordinator at Andrews University, provides an editorial titled “Why Do I Need to Know About STEM? I Don’t Teach Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math!” . Additional articles in Volume 84, Issue 1 (2022) include:

Understanding and Cultivating Mathematical Resilience in Students by Anthony Bosman and Adam Heck
“As educators, we must instill a mathematical resilience that will support students in future mathematics courses and future careers–indeed, their entire lives.”

EXSEED — EXcellence in STEM Experiential Education by Melisa Aree and Charity Espina
“What began as musings by Loma Linda University President Richard Hart more than a decade ago on the state of Adventist education became the catalyst for developing the EXSEED program.”

Surprise Visits: When God Speaks Through Nature by Karen Williams and Michael Murdoch
“This article will show how nature is God’s direct path for us to achieve a deep and personal experience with Him. Additionally, we will appeal to fellow educators and policymakers of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to revisit the denomination’s educational mission and to provide a setting where students in our schools can encounter their Maker as intended in the Eden School.”

Essential Elements in the Philosophy of Adventist Education by John Wesley Taylor V
“What makes Seventh-day Adventist education distinctive? While there are many distinguishing features, these merge into a single defining construct—the philosophy of Adventist education.”

Can Research Be Sacred Ministry? Part 1 by Desmond Hartwell Murray
“Curiosity helps us to be conscious of and to participate in the sentience of the universe. From the very foundations of the Earth, humans have been explorers and seekers.”

Starting and Sustaining a STEM Program in the Multigrade Classroom by Gary Bradley and Norma Collson
“Remember that great science demonstration or activity that you did with your students? Students at each grade level were engaged and focused on learning; you were the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) hero. What if you could do this throughout the month, semester, or year?”

Hands-on STEM: Chemistry, Physics, and Other Science Resources for K-12 Education by Lisa A. Ahlberg and G. Brendan Cross
“For teachers, preparing materials to engage and encourage students in STEM can be challenging. This article provides resources to help make preparation and planning easier for elementary and secondary educators.”

ByDesign Biology: The Scientific Study of Life by Alastair Noble
The author of this book review states, “Of all the textbooks I have seen in my career in science education, this one is certainly a contender for being the most impressive and comprehensive.”



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