Engage Newsletter Spring 2023

Published quarterly, Engage is the official newsletter for North American Division of Seventh-day Adventist Education.

Engage Newsletter April 24, 2023

Adventist Education: A Worldview Toward Shaping Hearts and Minds by Arne Nielsen
“A worldview serves as a conceptual tool or framework for perceiving and interpreting reality, which, then, informs an organization’s philosophy, mission/vision, and goals. From its inception, the Seventh-day Adventist church has held a unique philosophy and mission of education.”

It Is All About Jesus by Nancy Reed
Read about specific ways this school and church “wonderfully demonstrate the principles of the ‘Together As One’ church and school collaboration.” The school family also recently hosted a gala, adding $100,000 to the $300,000 previously raised toward their goal of building a larger school to meet the needs of the community.

Julie and Richard Kamieneski: Fifty Years Each for Dedicated Adventist Educators by Beverley Bucknor
The Kamienskis “are truly wonderful examples of dedicated and committed Adventist educators. They contribute new information and publications to their curriculum to enhance student learning. Above all, they serve their students well through their dedication to our Lord and Savior.”

What’s the Big Deal with HRS Certification: One School’s Journey by Craig Mattson
This elementary school’s journey toward mastering standards-based learning has centered on pursuing Marzano’s High Reliability School (HRS) certification.

Incredible Resources at Your Fingertips by Paola Oudri
This article gives an overview of the great resources available to educators on the Adventist Learning Community. Learn how to find professional development, connect with other teachers, search for specific resources, participate in STEM activities with your class, and more!

Break Out of Winter by H. Stephen Bralley
“Cold  temperatures, long, dark winter nights, and Daylight Saving Time may have affected you and your students. Spring is the time to break that cycle and prepare for the sun! Let’s get practical; after spending time in schools and classrooms doing school accreditation, it brought back some valuable ideas as spring approaches.”

Anxiety Is on the Rise by Evelyn Sullivan
“On a positive note, children and adolescents can get treatment for anxiety. This can make a tremendous difference in their daily life and at school. The goal is to give students practical tools to help them reduce daily pressure.”



The Curriculum and Instruction Resource Center Linking Educators (CIRCLE) helps Seventh-day Adventist educators locate the ever-expanding array of resources for the ministry of teaching. Visit CIRCLE.adventistlearningcommunity.com to find and share Adventist educational resources anytime, anywhere.

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