JAE 2022-3

Centered on small schools, Volume 84, Issue 3 (2022) of The Journal of Adventist Education is now available online.

The Journal of Adventist Education April 17, 2023

Focusing on small schools, this issue of The Journal of Adventist Education (JAE) demonstrates the uniqueness of the small-school, multi-grade environment. Co-coordinators Anneris Coria-Navia and Maria Bastien Valenca introduce the topic with an editorial titled Small Schools: An Asset to Adventist Education. Additional articles include:

Highlighting Excellence in Small Schools by Anneris Coria-Navia, Aimee Leukert, Jerome Thayer, Maria Bastien Valenca, and Elissa Kido
“This article provides an in-depth examination of a qualitative study that focused specifically on excellent small schools in the NAD.”

Shifting our Lens: Practical Trauma-informed Approaches for Educators by Charity Garcia, Ingrid Weiss Slikkers, and Tara Bailey
“Social-emotional learning. Diversity and inclusion. Trauma-informed education. These are buzzwords in education today, with interest growing as educators seek to support students and families amidst the realities of COVID-19’s ongoing ramifications. Teachers and administrators of small schools and multigrade classrooms need practical solutions that align with our Seventh-day Adventist worldview and educational philosophy.”

Using Online Education to Address the Challenges of Small, Multigrade Schools by Lori Imasiku, Michael Gayle, Michelle Bacchiocchi, and Melanie Kartik
“Learning engagement happens via the Internet, and like the face-to-face classroom, has the following elements: a clear learning progression, alignment to standards, learning outcomes or objectives, and formative feedback (either within the resource or provided by the classroom teacher). This article explores how online education is being used to increase students’ learning in small multigrade schools and offers practical applications for educators searching for innovative, research-based teaching methods.”

A Three-story Approach to Teaching Scripture by Scott R. Ward
“We must remember that, for Christians, the primary goal of adolescence is to help young people to find their place in the story of God. We must show them where they appear and how choosing Jesus can change their lives. Then we must show them where they fit into the community of believers and provide opportunities for them to ‘live’ their stories in mission and outreach opportunities in the world around them. We must play our part by being ready daily to share how our devotional times with Jesus each day are impacting our lives and decisions at home and in the classroom as we share life as a part of our school and classroom families.”

Library Management for the Small School in Four Steps: Evaluating, Planning, Purchasing, and Organizing by Christy Scott
“For teachers without formal training in library science, the process of creating, maintaining, or using a currently existing library may feel daunting. However, the process can be broken down into four basic repeatable concepts—evaluation, planning, purchasing, and organizing. This article will walk teachers through what each concept covers, why it is important, and provide suggestions for beginning the process.”

How Library Volunteers Can Help Your Small School by Pauletta Berry
“Because a teacher’s schedule is packed, one of the best decisions regarding the library might be to find a volunteer who loves books and children. Many retirees enjoy having time to contribute to their community and can be a valuable resource for the school. After a few weeks, you will know the strengths of your volunteer(s), what training might be needed, and the tasks they can handle well.”

Project-based Learning and Entrepreneurship in Small Schools by McKenzie Wallace, Laura Bowlby, and Kalicia Clements
“Two teachers of small multigrade schools … found that they could successfully engage learners of all ages by teaching multiple standards simultaneously through Project-based Learning. Students not only gained knowledge in traditional subjects through PBL, but also had the opportunity to develop entrepreneurship abilities as they innovated in their projects.”

A Framework to Guide Special Education Practice in Small Schools by Amanda Ramoutar
“Often, teachers working in small private schools raise concerns about what constitutes special-education practice, what types of evidence count as such practice, and the practical ways these can be identified. Classroom teachers working in small private schools can implement special-education pedagogical practices and meet the individual needs of learners in a myriad of ways, even within the confines of limited resources. The framework shared … can help capture evidence of special education in action. This tool is theoretically informed and can be used to fit the context of small schools.”



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    I am an educationist interested in knowing more about Adventist philosophy of education in order to manage our locally established schools according to these principles.

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