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TEACH Volume 16, Issue 1 (Part 2)

Continued from last week, these articles were included in Volume 16, Issue 1 of TEACH Journal of Christian Education.

TEACH Journal of Christian Education May 15, 2023

When Is ‘Social Science’ an Oxymoron? by Stephen J. Fyson
“What do we mean by the term ‘research’? For many of us, we use this concept under the assumption that something like the ‘scientific method’ has been used to describe educational reality in a way that can help us in our teaching. This thinking, in turn, sits under our assumptions about the validity of education being part of the ‘social sciences’. But what do we mean, ‘social science’? For some of us, it means using statistical methods to help us discover cause and effects within teaching practice…. Yet it is not uncommon to hear people use phrases such as ‘But what does the hard data show?’ Or, ‘Was this a real / solid / large enough piece of research?’ Such suggestions rely on the assumption that if we use the same scientific method as the physical sciences (which can be referred to as the ‘natural’ or ‘hard’ sciences), then the research is better. This article will review these assumptions with some suggestions for how to be more inclusive in how we conceptualise research with those involved in teaching and learning.”

Implementing a Biblical Vision for Education: Challenges Facing Leaders from Primary Campuses of Christian Schools in Sydney, Australia by Beth M. Boland
“This article outlines the results of a recent study that investigated the challenges that leaders from primary campuses of Christian schools in Sydney are faced with as they seek to implement a biblical vision for education, along with strategies used to overcome the challenges.”

Rick Warren and Ellen G. White on Christian Character Development: An Unexpected Meeting of Minds? by Wilf Rieger
“This article examines and discusses how two influential Christian authors from different eras perceive the importance and development of character in the lives of Christian believers. It is a discourse that is intended to offer ‘food for thought’ to Christian teachers in the context of current educational interest in character development.”

A “Must Read” for Christian Educators: The Latest in ‘Revealing Jesus’ Series by Brenton Stacey
“The latest in a series of books about how teachers reveal Jesus to students can help safeguard Christian education in a changing society, says its editors.”

It’s an Adventure: Pre-Service Teachers Serve and See in the NT by Brenton Stacey
“Summer starts early in the Northern Territory. This is what our students discovered during school placements that introduced them to the ministry of teaching in indigenous culture.”



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