In Adventist News: April-June 2023 (part 2)

Continued from last week, here are more articles about education in the North American Division.

In Adventist News June 19, 2023

Take a Closer Look at Adventist Schools by Bradford C. Newton
“Teaching our children about God’s love and grace is a ministry for the entire church—it extends beyond just formal education and includes every aspect of life, including church, home, and school. In Adventist education we take this counsel to heart by seeking to create an environment that reinforces biblical values and by finding ways to integrate these values into all aspects of a child’s education and development.”

An Adventist School Is a Place Where… by George H. Akers
Be encouraged and inspired by seventeen endings to this prompt, and then think of your own!

The ”Everything Else” About Adventist Education by Aimee Leukert
As the author experienced herself, Adventist education provides “a space for children to be educated academically within a framework of God’s love and grace. There is simply no better approach for a meaningful and worthwhile school experience.”

Source and Aim of True Education by Ellen White
“These excerpts are from Chapter One of the book Education by Ellen G. White (Mountain View, CA: Pacific Press Pub. Assn., 1903).”

Sowing in the Right Soil: Planting Centers of Community Influence by Scott Ward
“How can we develop a gospel culture where we can lovingly disciple our church’s children as well as people from our communities into a personal relationship with Jesus? This is where our church’s schools can play a powerful role. Our schools must be campuses that provide a loving gospel subculture for our children and can be centers of gospel evangelism as well.”

Cultivating Community in Online Education by Anna Chaparro and Sara Morrison
“One word that might not come to mind when you think of online education is community. How can a distance-learning school cultivate the same sense of family and community in an online environment that we’ve come to associate with traditional brick-and-mortar schools?” Article is on page 29.

My First Year Teaching: A Journey from Darkness to Light by Annabelle Harper
A new teacher shares her journey from reliance on self to sourcing her confidence in God. Letting go of pride and no longer expecting perfection of herself has made a positive impact on both her herself and her teaching.

All In by Sonia Edwards
“As we contemplate the God-given task of educating our children for eternity, at times, it can be most overwhelming. Yet it is during these moments that we are reminded that we are not alone. We can be assured that God will give us the grace to accomplish the work if each of us is willing to be all in for Christian education.”



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