Environmental Fridays

Events September 21, 2023

Environmental Fridays calls all Sabbath keepers to be Earth keepers. Called to the ministry of environmental redemption in a world facing the triple global threats of pollution, biodiversity loss, and climate change. 

Every Friday at 9:30am EST on Zoom guest speakers from around the world bring environmental awareness that challenges us to act. We live in the environment, we are of the environment, it is personal, not just global. 

An important goal of EnvironmentalFridays is to inspire, engage, and mentor high school students, college students, youth, and the public in critical and socially responsible thinking and actions about environmental, scientific, technological, sustainability and justice questions that intersects with public health, medicine, energy, urbanization, climate crisis, biodiversity, and air, water, and soil pollution. We encourage Adventist educators to seek ways to integrate environmental topics across the curriculum, from arts, to history, to science, to language, and to Bible.

Our 2023 – 2024 Environmental Fridays schedule can be viewed at https://www.theenvironmentalfridays.com/environmental-fridays-schedule-and-speakers-bio. You are encouraged to join and engage with our online community of Earth keepers for weekly details, updates, news and information at https://www.facebook.com/groups/environmentalfridays.  

There are 30 episodes lined up for the two seasons of Environmental Fridays for the 2023 – 2024 school year. Season V (Fall 2023, September 2023 to December 2023) is scheduled with 14 episodes and will be subsequently followed by Season VI (Spring 2024, January 2024 to April 2024), with 16 episodes. 

More details about Environmental Fridays can be found in this recently published article in the Journal of Adventist Education – EnvironmentalFridays: From Awareness to Action – Addressing the Lamentations of Nature.

If you are interested or know someone (individual, group, class, school, etc) interested in supporting Environmental Fridays as a viewer, presenter, co-host, or donor, please contact Dr. Desmond Hartwell Murray, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Founding Director of Environmental Fridays at [email protected] and/or (269) 757-1641.


Desmond Murray

Murray, PhD, is Associate Professor of Chemistry at Andrews University. He is Founding Director of Building Excellence in Science and Technology (BEST Early), Inspire Early, Environmental Fridays, and the Center for Early Research. He is also co-founder of A 4 Asthma and InTobago. He is Lead Editor for and Chapter Author in the 2016 American Chemical Society Symposium book, The Power and Promise of Early Research. In 2018 he received Andrews University’s highest faculty honor – the John Nevins Andrews Medallion. He was recognized as the 2010 Thought Leader in Science Education for Southwest Michigan, as the 2012 College Teacher of the Year for the State of Michigan, and by the American Chemical Society Accreditation Committee in 2021 for his early research initiatives and DEI contributions.


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    Great idea to conserve our climate

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