In Adventist News: July-September 2023 (part 1)

North American Division publications recently included the following articles that may be of interest to Adventist educators. Enjoy reading!

In Adventist News September 25, 2023

Adventist Education: A Beacon of Hope for Now and Eternity by Maria Thomas
“Adventist education is a comprehensive package encompassing multiple elements vital to students’ overall growth and development. A Christ-centered curriculum sets a solid foundation for intellectual growth and moral discernment. A nurturing academic community fosters a sense of belonging, acceptance, and support. Character building inspires the development of virtues and encourages selfless service to others. Lastly, introducing a wide range of global perspectives to students allows them to be aware of and participate in an interconnected world with kindness and compassion.”

Navigating Back-to-School by Jessica L. Lozano
“Here are six tips for families to successfully transition into the back-to-school routine while cultivating a deeper connection with each other and with God.”

Professional Development Matters by Carol Campbell
“In PK-12 schools in the Southwestern Union, professional development is the strategy schools use to ensure that educators continue to strengthen their practice throughout their career. Professional development yields three levels of results: (1) educators learn new knowledge and skills, (2) educators use what they learn to improve teaching and learning, and (3) student learning and achievement increase because educators use what they learned in professional development.”

Help Them! Protecting our Children from Abuse by Melissa Ponce-Rodas
“The focus of this article is on safeguarding our children. We’ll discuss what abuse is, why this topic is needed, possible warning signs, and some techniques and resources to help keep kids and teens safe. While we will share many resources with you, just reading this article will not help prevent abuse. The way to effect change is to share this information with others, to change our policies and structures to make abuse less likely, and to hold others accountable for their actions.”

A Place Where We Belong: Teachers by Linda King
“Through generations of Seventh-day Adventist educators, committed men and women have answered the call of God to influence young hearts and minds for Jesus by teaching in the church’s global school system.” Article begins on page 20.

A Place Where We Belong: Parents by Leidamae Muse
The author “interviewed parents across the country and discovered a common theme: for parents, Adventist education is all about community, family, and belonging.” Article begins on page 24.

A Place Where We Belong: Students by Rayette Hetland
“Adventist schools give students a place to belong, a place where they can explore and express their faith with others and prepare to serve God through service to others.” Article begins on page 32.

Ease Your Child’s Back-to-School Anxiety by LaVonne Young
These seven tips will equip parents to help their children have a secure and loving environment where they feel safe.



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    This has been quiet inspiring and uplifting to us educationists,thank you very much.

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