JAE 2023-2

Volume 85, Issue 2 (2023) of The Journal of Adventist Education is now available online.

The Journal of Adventist Education November 15, 2023

This issue of The Journal of Adventist Education (JAE) begins with an editorial by Faith-Ann McGarrell titled “‘Come, Follow Me’” in which she states “The call of Jesus on the Sea of Galilee echoes through time to each one of us today. In a world with so many voices clamoring for our attention, may we hear clearly the One who calls, find confidence in His promise, and be about His mission.” Additional articles include:

Generative AI in Adventist Education: Opportunities and Ethical Considerations by David P. Harris and Fred Armstrong
“As educators, we understand that generative AI has the potential to transform the world into which our students are emerging. Therefore, we must understand its impact and benefits. Given the rapid growth and potential impact of generative AI on academic institutions, it is essential to establish guidelines and guardrails that ensure the responsible and ethical use of these technologies.”

Discipling the Whole Student by Scott R. Ward, David Sedlacek, Rogelio Paquini, Jasmine J. Fraser
“The concept of discipleship is often misunderstood solely as something Christians do. We study the Scripture, get baptized, and tell others about Jesus. We must do these things, but we must understand that who we are as disciples is as important as what we do. At the core of discipleship is relationship, and who we are in a relationship with Jesus creates a solid framework for what we do for Him.”

The Challenge of Maintaining Impartiality on Adventist K-12 School Boards by Robert D. Crux
“Promoting and maintaining impartiality is one of the most essential functions of an effective school board. This article examines some of the threats to impartiality that undermine effective decision-making by school boards and suggests ways to identify and, if possible, prevent or mitigate them.”

Environmental Fridays: From Awareness to Action—Addressing the Lamentations of Nature by Desmond Hartwell Murray
“Environmental Fridays, a free Zoom-based weekly lecture series, fosters environmental awareness and offers free supplemental multidisciplinary subject content covering physical, social, health, and life sciences. The program also addresses environmental concerns, including pollution, biodiversity, and climate change.”

The Prayer Project: Prayer as Theory and Practice in a Literature Class by Ramona L. Hyman
“Language and human beings’ need for God (and all that is related to God) is the theme of many literary works. As such, The Prayer Project is offered as one pedagogical model that can be integrated into the educational setting to encourage students to engage in an intellectual and spiritual discussion centered around the subject of prayer.”

A Student’s Journey With the Prayer Project by Malya Prather
“Prayer is not just recognition; it is recognition through self-awareness in tandem with spiritual awareness. And prayer is not just awareness; it is awareness through the practice of education, a process of continual seeking after God and learning more about Him with each encounter.”

Growing Professionally in Christ by Carol Linda Kingston
“Educators often view professional development as attaining outstanding credentials, advanced academic degrees, and excellent research. However, while academic achievement and training are essential, so is attention to our spiritual growth. Intentionally seeking to connect our professional development with our walk with Jesus Christ is the most vital part of the Adventist educator’s professional life.”

Humberto Mario Rasi: March 23, 1935 – June 28, 2023 by The Journal of Adventist Education Staff
“A tribute to the life and legacy of Dr. Humberto Mario Rasi: editor, translator, educator, educational administrator, author, and ordained minister of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.”



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