In Adventist News: October-December 2023

North American Division publications recently included the following articles that may be of interest to Adventist educators. Enjoy reading!

In Adventist News December 25, 2023

Adventist Education: A Powerful Tool by Jeremy Garlock
“Seventh-day Adventist education is a powerful tool in the hands of our Savior. The statistics are clear. Because of the constant exposure to Jesus, there is a greater probability of students in our schools accepting Him and staying in the church when compared to their counterparts. But even then, we need our Savior to be our Shepherd and look for those who are lost. He will work on the hearts that have turned away, often using what they learned in our schools to call them back to Him. What a magnificent Savior we have! And what a powerful tool He has given us in our education system.”

When the Church Invests: The Value of Student Leadership Conference by Becky St. Clair
Learn how the Pacific Union has impacted and empowered generations of student leaders through its leadership conference.

Navigating Neurodiversity with God by Angelica Sanchez
The reflections of this family and their suggestions on how to help make church inclusive to people living with autism are also useful to those who work with children in a school setting.

Teaching Students to Think Outside the Box by Denise Parker
This Alabama teacher has seen many benefits in her students as they spend more time learning and playing outside.

Cohorts Offer New Teachers Support by Heidi Baumgartner
“North Pacific Union is in its third year of offering a layer of support for new graduates, second-year teachers, and second-career teachers.”

First Church Engages Reading Buddies Literary Initiative by Jennifer Patterson
Learn how the Reading Buddies Literary Initiative, a valuable outreach opportunity, is connecting church members with students in their local school district.

100% Online. 100% Real. by David Elias
Can students attending school completely online form a connection with each other and their teachers? Read to find out!

Employee LifeGroups Foster Closer Campus Connections at Southern by Tina Frist Smith
A popular concept with undergrad students, Southern Adventist University has now extended its small group program to include communities for employees.

North American Division’s Educators’ Convention 2023: Something Better by Rose Thomas
This informative piece describes many of the convention sessions and focus topics.



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