A Class on Social Responsibility

Trans-European January 8, 2024

At Vejlefjordskolen Boarding School in Denmark, a special 10th grade class has been established with a focus on social responsibility. Despite 10th grade being optional in Denmark, many young people voluntarily choose to spend an extra year in this “Social 10” class before continuing their upper secondary education. 

Preparation for World Changing

In preparation for their main social outreach trip, students are tasked with a project to complete at home. They fulfill this, in part, by engaging with the local community. For example, some students choose to help homeless people with their food or clothing. While in school, the class engages with various subjects that prepare them for their trip, including psychology and communication.

Traveling to Change the World

In collaboration with an organization in Romania, Vejlefjordskolen students are invited to travel to the country to help some of the poorest families in Europe. Throughout the trip, the students visit a number of impoverished people, distributing food and other necessities to the children in the area. It is impossible to deny the good energy that stems from young people making other children happy.

While on the trip, the students also visit the city of Cluj to see places that are culturally and historically important to the country. The trip to Romania is an experience of a lifetime, and the students are able to both see and make a difference in a country that ordinary tourists almost never visit.

Student Opinions 

Students had a lot to say about the project and class, including:

  • “It’s exciting to experience other parts of the world. You get to put some things into perspective when you experience some other sides of the world that you think you know.”
  • “It’s a huge eye-opener. You see how other people in the world feel and discover how privileged we are.”
  • “When I do something good for other people, I feel good about myself. Even though I’m only 15 years old, it’s good to be able to help others who aren’t doing as well as I am.”
  • “The best thing about the Social 10 class is that you experience the feeling of making a difference.”

The Social 10 class is for students who want to make a difference in the world. Many of them will later find jobs aiding and working with people. Experiences from the class provide a good background for their future careers. Even though most students who take the class have no Christian background, they experience Christianity in practice by helping others.


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