My Dashboard for Effective Teaching – Part 4

West-Central Africa February 5, 2024

Throughout this series, I have shared my methods for the effective integration of faith and teaching. This final installment provides a summary of those methods in the form of an interactive dashboard. A more detailed breakdown of these principles can be found in part 1, part 2, and part 3


It is my hope that this will provide an effective framework for intentionally integrating faith and learning within a wide variety of classrooms. These methods have been developed from years of discovering how to learn and instruct effectively and can be adapted to each teacher’s lessons, learning environment, and students. Remember that as instructors, we are constantly learning and growing alongside those that we teach. How might your life and learning experiences serve as inspiration for others?


Juvenal Balisasa

Dr. Balisasa currently serves as Education Director of the West-Central Africa Division. He is an ordained minister of the Gospel. He holds degrees in Agriculture, Religion, Business, and Religious Education. He is married to Victoria, and both are blessed with three young adults. Before now he served the church mainly as a teacher at all levels of education and pastor in education institutions. He is regularly engaged in counseling young people and is passionate about creating, developing, and sustaining Adventists schools.

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