In Adventist News: January-March 2024

North American Division publications recently included the following articles that may be of interest to Adventist educators. Enjoy reading!

In Adventist News March 28, 2024

Chasing a Lion on a Snowy Day by Jeff Bovee
“I believe we are living in the last days and Jesus is coming soon. It is essential that we focus on building for eternity and not for an easier and more comfortable life in the here and now. I urge you to listen and answer God’s call – whatever it is.”

Accreditation for PK-12 Adventist Schools by Carol Campbell
This snapshot describes what the Continuous School Improvement (CSI) Process looks like for a school community approaching its accreditation visit. The Standards for Accreditation of Seventh-day Adventist Schools are also detailed.

Support Grows for Social Emotional Learning by Becky St. Clair
Learn how nonprofit Counseltation combines school counseling with an on-demand consultation model as it “partners with conferences across the North American Division to bring mental healthcare to schools.”

Education by Design by Lori Futcher
Part of the Southwest Union Conference’s Education by Design framework is “seven C’s that students are prepared to be proficient in: connection to God and others, citizenship, collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and innovation, communication and character.”

Nurturing Minds, Building Character by Diane Harris
This short article includes seven tips for educational success.

Therapy Dogs Join GCA Faculty in Ministering to Students by Kalie Kelch
Striving to provide whole person education, Georgia-Cumberland Academy has found a creative way to help meet student needs.

Enabling Learners by Keith Hallam
“Our K-12 education mission in North America is “to enable learners to develop a life of faith in God, and to use their knowledge, skills and understandings to serve God and humanity.” This issue of the Gleaner contains many additional articles about education in the Northwest.

Some Are Called to Teach. Are You? by James C. Davis, Jr.
“Currently our schools face a significant challenge: a shortage of teachers. This shortage isn’t just a logistical issue; it’s a spiritual one. We need motivated, called teachers to step forward. Your contribution can make a vital difference in continuing the legacy of Adventist education.”

Southern Launches Aspiring Teachers’ Clubs at Adventist Academies by Amanda Blake
Club members gain valuable experience and exposure to many areas of education, as well as make connections with those in the field.

Why I Believe in Adventist Education  by Hugh Davis
During the past five years student enrollment has more than doubled at Minnetonka Christian Academy in Minnesota, from 56 to 118 for the 2023-2024 school year. Read this interview with principal Vanessa Pujic to learn what’s at the core of this vibrant campus in the Twin Cities area.



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