Reflective Practice

The Paradox of the Humble Teacher

An Adventist educator reflects on the importance and the paradox of having a spirit of humility while being a teacher.

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Transforming Lives through Adventist Education

Even little Adventist schools in small communities can make a difference when God works through a partnership with school staff and church members.

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Figuras Literarias en la Biblia

En las lenguas modernas  sucede con frecuencia que al traducirse de una lengua a otra, se pierde la belleza de las palabras y en muchos…

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Creating Centers of Influence

Engaging with the community is essential to creating a relationship with those who live in the areas surrounding Adventist schools and institutions.

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Ética e moral na sala de aula

É notório o quanto os termos ‘ética’ e ‘moral’ têm transitado nas mais diversas esferas da vida contemporânea. Os congressos científicos reservam um espaço para…

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O uso de TIC para jovens e crianças

A questão do uso das TIC não está em proibir ou liberar, mas em controlar e mediar o uso.

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Each Can Make a Difference

Those who do not stand in the pulpit or in front of a classroom, are they not also educators? Can they likewise be agents of…

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Notary working in office. Lawyer, attorney, business person signing a contract, working in office

Biblical Principles for Business Ethics: Balancing Love and Justice

Business ethics theories overall are divided into two categories: conservatives and liberals.

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Children with rucksacks running in the park near school. Pupils with books and backpacks outdoors

School for Life

By encouraging connections and skills for our students, and by showing interest in them and their lives.

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The Teacher is the Center

From my experience as a teacher for more than 20 years, I have seen several key factors on which the success of the students depends,…

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What is the Norm of Behavior?

To encourage a safe educational environment and society, teachers should introduce Jesus as a model to the students.

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Alfabetización digital

Nuestras prácticas requieren el ejercicio crítico que tenga en cuenta entre otros factores, el nuevo entorno virtual en que nuestros estudiantes se mueven.

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